Full name: Kylie Ann Minogue  Born: 28th May 1968 Bethlehem Hospital, Melbourne. Australia.
Height: 5ft 1"   Family: Carol+Ron. Brother: Brendan(1970) and Sister Danielle(1971)
Albums: Kylie('88) Enjoy Yourself ('89) Rhythm Of Love('90) Let's Get To It('91) Greatest Hits('92) Kylie Minogue('94) Impossible Princess('97) Intimate and Live('99) Light Years(2000) Fever('01)
Television: Sullivans('80)The Henderson Kids('85)Fame and Misfortune('85)Zoo Family('85) Neighbours('86)Vicar Of Dibley('94)
Films: The Delinquents('89),Streetfighter('94),Bio Dome('95), Hayride To Hell('95), Diana and Me('96), Sample People('99), Cut('00), Moulin Rouge('01)
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She Came From The Land Down Under
During her early years Kylie was influenced by taking piano, tap and jazz lesson's. Early musical influences were "The Beatles", "The Rolling Stones" and "Abba". Even though Kylie was quite a shy child her mother had already decided they(both sister's)  would not follow her footsteps and become dancers."I was never very keen on them taking up dancing becauseit's such a hard life".  It was when Kylie turned 11 that her debut part in  Australian television show "The Sullivans" began to pave an incredible rise to fame within the Australian television industry.  Kylie always balanced her studies with her acting career and it was after she passed her HSc that Kylie decided she was going to give acting a go...Naturally though the schoolgirl Kylie and the child star made it difficult for Kylie and her friends to adjust to the rising fame. In February 1986, Kylie auditioned and got the part of feisty, fiery girl next door mechanic Charlene Mitchell in the reletively new soap, "Neighbours". A deluge of fanmail and rising viewing figures saw them extend the 12 week contract and "Charlene" with on and off screen love "Scott Robinson"(played by Jason  Donovan) took the show to the number one ratings spot in Australia and the United Kingdom. A record 23.8 million witnessed there marriage and this for a daytime soap!! the frenzy caused by neighbours was also casuing kids to bunk off schools and take televisions with them just to keep up with the show. Looking back only Russell Crowe(Gladiator) and Guy Pearce(L.A.Confidential) have also found fame. It was no surprise that Kylie went on to win 5 logies(television awards) including Most Popular Television Actress the same year. In 1987 Kylie performed with the cast for a charity function and an opportunity arose to sing a solo of Little Eva's sixties smash "The Locomotion". The reception was crazy and Kylie was swept into the studio to record and release the song within days. The single was released and went to number one in Australia for 7 weeks during 1987. Kylie decided that this was a direction that was now calling her, so in 1988 when Kylie finished filming her last Neighbours scenes, she flew to England to meet with reknowned producers Stock, Aitken+ Waterman.



From Neighbour to Pop Diva
Immediately the potential was seen in kylie and she was signed for a 5 year four album deal including a Greatest Hits.  Pete Waterman states, "She has a great voice.I love working with her because she has a terrific sense of humour, a fabulous personality and she knows how to really sell a song." Kylie's first release musically in the UK was to be a newly penned song, "I Should Be So Lucky", it climbed the charts slowly to reach No.1 and it stayed there for 5 weeks, selling over 800,000 copies and the album, "Kylie" went 7x platinum with sales of over 1.85 million. her string of hits and her record over the next five years has placed Kylie in the Guiness Book Of Records and within Music history forever. "The Locomotion" incidentally peaked at No.3 in the USA with sales of 500,000, but Europe too was loving every minute. The first four singles went No.1 in Finland (a record) and the album "Kylie" went on to sell over 7.3 million worldwide. This was one of the most successful starts to a pop career ever. In 1989 a second album was released, "Enjoy Yourself" and Kylie decided that she was missing her acting and the lifestyle that entailed so she began lookign for a dceent Australian script, Kylie wanted a small film to try and find her feet in the movie world. the problem was/is Kylie is such a huge star within the music scene the media were on the case and made her acting debut asuccess but also a carefully watched baptism. The character "Lola" in the "The Delinquents" with Charlie Schlatter told the stroy of a young girl growing up in the 50's. It was soon a No.1 box office smash in both the UK and AUS, mostly thanks to Kylie's growing number of supporter's. No rest period though and ylie was intent on moving her musical career forward, some call it a huge leap as the bubblegum pop turned into bubblegum classics as her third album "Rhythm Of Love" spawned the golden quartet of singles, Step Back n Time, Shocked, What Do I Have To Do? and Better The Devil You Know. This album handed the opportunity to work with Stephen Bray(Madonna) and also begin to write her own songs, the new sexier look was also inpired from a relationship with late rock legend  Michael Hutchence of INXS.  Never before had a teenager been watched and written about so much, Kylie was beginning to see her health suffer and also her family life become non existent as life on the road away from Australia was taking it's toll on the 21 year old star. "Let's Get To It" her fourth album was opportunity for Kylie to stage her second world tour and close off her deal with S/A/W paving the future for, what us fans remember was a very uncertain time in the life and career of Kylie Minogue....

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